Bloomingville HK FZE is the company headquartered in Hong Kong, Deals in Fresh Fruits and Vegetable products in Dubai. Our vision is to supply every one of our customers with the freshest, highest quality fruit and vegetables across the globe. We operate in a high demand marketplace, where the demand for Fruits and Vegetable products are high. We have taken up the challenge to source and continuously provide freshest, highest quality fruit and vegetables at the most competitive prices. Our company continues to be inspired by visionary leadership and customer-centric corporate philosophy. We importing from different countries as everyone has a taste of home and the freshest flavors which they never have tried. Customers can taste the quality of service and freshness of the fruits and vegetables in every order they receive. We provide an exceptional level of service and quality to our customers.


Your order is large or small, it’s no problem, Bloomingville HK Limited ensure that will deliver only the highest quality produce that is fresh and delicious.


Vegetables are the essential of our life, no matter which cooking you prefer. They are nutritionally dense and provide many a health and dietetic benefit.


Fresh fruits and vegetables are delivered locally and internationally within 24 hours of harvest.


Bloomingville HK Limited provided to their employees the latest equipment in production and packaging to ensure freshness.



Bloomingville HK FZE guarantees all its fruits and vegetables are stored in a controlled temperature environment. Bloomingville HK FZE is committed to its policy of bringing you and your customers only the freshest, healthiest, most nutritious, and most importantly, safe produce available. we are well equipped with state of the art technologies to optimally serve our customers throughout the region. Our facilities ensure that our products are well maintain and well preserved upon receipt from our suppliers and upon delivery to our customer’s front door. We do our best not to keep fresh fruits and vegetables for a long time in cold stores but to deliver them as soon as we receive them. This will lead to an increased shelf life of the products. Our Group currently has 25 refrigerated vehicles to ensure smooth operation.

All our vehicles are GPS monitored to maximize efficiency and minimize delivery times. Bloomingville HK FZE transport tucks are all temperature controlled.

Our Clients

We have ability to importing freshest products from all over the world, and re- exporting to hundreds of customers in the most ideal condition to markets in the Middle-East, Chaina, America, Europe, African Subcontinents and Central Asian Regions.